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Boutique Interview: (A look into who we are:)  

When officially started: I started crafting in 2011. At that time I made a bigger variety of craft items and clothing. My clothing sold the best and in May 2013 I scraped my old face book page to create La Posh Kids Couture

What types of items do you offer? Handmade kids couture clothing

How did you get started in this business? Well it all started when I had my first daughter! She was my inspiration. Started off making hair bows and moved into clothing

How much time do you spend working daily? I work from the moment I wake up till I fall asleep. I fit sewing around chasing the kids, cooking and cleaning. I spend my evening on the tablet updating my face book page with new items and update my orders. Normally a 12-15 hour day.

How do you balance home and work life? Working from home gives me the advantage of watching my three children grow and I still contribute to the household finances. I put in a lot of hours multitasking around the house. I am to the point that my work normally happens in my kitchen with a sewing machine on the counter.

 Who are your target customers? Mommies and Grammies who want to spoil their babies.

 What is your favorite item to make? I love working with lace. Lace outfits or dresses are my favorite!

 What inspires you? My daughter and all the compliments I receive from customers, friends, and even complete strangers when I am out on the town with my Daughter strutting her stuff.

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